Affordable, Convenient Language Testing, 24/7

Too often language assessment is an expensive, time-consuming ordeal. That’s why Eltsoft’s testing experts have created Level Test – an affordable, accurate and convenient testing app to meet the needs of businesses, schools and institutions. Our app can be used on your organization’s mobile devices, which gives you a 24/7 assessment tool that can be used on-site or in the field.

For example:

  • You’re a company manager and need to test an employee’s English skills in order to decide whether or not he or she should be promoted to the international sales department.
  • Your company is hiring new employees, and you want a quick way to assess foreign language skills before, during or after the interview.
  • You own a language school and want a convenient, low-cost method for placing your students.
  • You work for an international aid organization, and you need to measure the language skills of your staff, as well as the foreign language skills of the local population.


Options Tailored to Your Needs

1. English Level Test:  Quick Quiz
Available on the Google Play and Amazon stores, this efficient test provides a rough estimate of one’s English level.
Price: FREE

2. English Level Test Premium
Available on the Google Play and Amazon stores, our Full Test provides a much clearer indication of overall English level. The test measures grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing skills, and is comparable to the accuracy of larger institutional tests, yet much more convenient and affordable.
Price:  $1.99

3. Institutional Premium Test.
Set up exclusively for  organizations with ongoing assessment needs, the Level Test app is updated four times a year, and is ideal for recruiting new business staff or evaluating employees language skills. This service also offers fantastic value for schools and universities that use testing to place students, or that use pre/post testing within courses to track learner improvement.
Price: from $99.  Contact us now to discuss your needs.


Our Advantage

  • Affordable compared to other well-known tests, such as IELTS, TOEFL, and TOEIC.
  • Instant assessment. You won’t have to waste months waiting to get your results back.
  • Convenient for the test-taker. No need to travel far to a test center.
  • Customizable. If your organization needs to test specific knowledge areas, such as Travel English, Pharmaceutical German or Business Chinese, we can create these assessments for you.
  • Expertise in test design and educational technology; university instructors experienced in writing and implementing foreign language placement exams.


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