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Target your users’ needs better and increase sales using our research services. We can work with you to develop profiles of your users, utilizing app surveys and other data gathering tools.

We also conduct our own research. At this time we are in the process of gathering and analyzing survey data, and will be posting our paper (see abstract below) shortly.


Mobile Device Self-Study: Learner Profile, Habits and Needs

Building on the research of Burston, Jack ( 2011) and  Kukulska-Hulme (2008), this paper will look at the profile of Android users within the sphere of mobile assisted language learning (MALL). The research makes use of questionnaire surveys inserted within Android apps targeted at specific subsets of EFL learners. The apps actively target specific skills and proficiency levels and are currently active on over 300,000 devices and have been downloaded to over 1.4 million devices worldwide. The aim of the research is to first, map across the skill and proficiency spectrum the Android EFL users demographics, and second,  to use the questionnaire data to provide a clearer picture of how best to design and implement MALL apps to better meet the needs of language learners.